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Cel-Fi Smart Cellular Coverage and Repeaters


Cellular signals are inhibited or blocked by trees, hills, building materials, and bad weather. Nextivity has worked with partners to create the Cel-Fi suite of cellular coverage solutions. Starting from the ground up. Nextivity engineered the award-winning Intelliboost® chipset, as the heart of the highest Max Gain product available in the world. Nextivity has innovated at every step of product development, with 28 patents across hardware, software, firmware, antennas, tools, and apps. The carrier-grade products are all network safe, optimized for ease of installation and the most powerful solution in their class. Cel-Fi products have been approved for use across 200 carriers and operators, in 100 countries. In many countries, Cel-Fi products are the only legal solution approved by the communications regulatory commissions. Not interfering with the network, and only improving upon it is the key.


Cel-Fi Go Red Cellular and Mobile Coverage Extender 

Cel-Fi by Nextivity and Pulse Supply at the forefront of pioneering technologies, such as:


  • Cellular Coverage Solutions for home, office, truck, van or boat
  • Cellular Repeaters and Extenders
  • Improve poor cellular coverage in the office, at home, or on the road.
  • Indoor Cellular coverage solutionsCel-Fi Marine Antenna
  • Cel-Fi Wave Pro ApplicationMobile Cellular coverage solutionsCel-FI Compass
  • Outdoor Cellular coverage solutions
  • Cellular coverage Antennas
  • Cellular Antenna mount solutions
  • Cellular range extenders
  • Cellular coverage solutions for Tuckers
  • Cellular coverage solutions for RV's and campers
  • Cellular coverage solutions for marine and boating
  • Cellular coverage solutions for emergency responders
  • Cellular coverage tools

 Cel-Fi PRO Cellular Coverage extender

The most advanced technology for improving cellular coverage
The Cel-Fi product line is the best solution on the market for addressing the universal challenge of poor cellular coverage in the office, at home, or on the road. Unconditionally network safe, with an exceptional coverage footprint and Carrier approved for 3G/4G/LTE voice and data.



Quatra 1000/2000 application             


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