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Reseller and Agent Program

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why pulse reseller
  • Increase your revenue and grow your business
  • Access to thousands of products
  • Pre-sales support to make sure it’s the right solution
  • Work with people who care about seeing your business succeed
  • Your customers need products that fall outside of your expertise.
  • Fill technology and product gaps

 “Pulse Supply resellers enjoy the benefit of our years of research and technical capabilities without having to put in their own time. We help you spend your time where it’s most valuable...selling to your customers. Pulse can come up with solutions for communications and connectivity challenges that you face. We don’t compete with you in any way, but rather compliment the services and products you can offer. There are two options for handling transactions by using either our Agent or Resale program. We have tons of experience working with service providers, utilities, government agencies, military, school systems, and large business, so let us help!”

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Pulse Supply specializes in solutions that fall outside of the "Norm"

  • Cellular Signal Extension
  • TDM to SIP conversion (T1 to IP for example)
  • Signaling conversion with specialized gateways
  • Microwave Backhaul
  • M2M Cellular
  • Specialized cabling infrastructure
  • Legacy migration



Pulse Supply offers two types of reseller programs, Agent or Resale

Agent Program
Pulse interfaces directly with your customers


  • Leverage your customer relationships by referring your customers to Pulse for assistance
  • The agent gets paid by Pulse Supply directly
  • No customer credit checks-Pulse handles
  • No collections-Pulse handles
  • No stocking or logistics needed, Pulse takes care of all logistics
  • No work. You sell, and we handle the rest

Resale Program
You handle customer transactions


  • Pulse interfaces directly with you
  • We find solutions based on the description of needs
  • We can interface with your customers and act as your technical staff
  • Pulse sells products to reseller at a discounted rate
  • Reseller handles all transactions with the end customer
pulse supply reseller contact
Please call or email us with any questions about our agent and reseller programs!
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