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Soft Switch

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The Soft Switch is the equivalent of TDM switches at telephone company central offices, however the comparison quickly changes with the capability of a Soft Switch far exceeding older TDM technology. A Soft Switch will take much less space, power and since its packet based, the flexibility and scalability increase dramatically.

Most Soft Switches perform Class 4 (trunking) or Class 5 (Subscriber) services. They can  have additonal service features like Unified Communications, Hosted PBX, Fax, Call Recording, etc.. They typically require external gateways to interface with traditional analog and digital TDM circuits which Pulse Supply provides.


Pulse recommends, supports and sells SoftSwitch products and solutions. Please contact us to determine what solution will best suit your requirements.


Our featured SoftSwitch product is:

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  • Full Featured Class 5 Softswitch
  • Carrier Grade
  • Scalable
  • Over 10 years of Development
  • License or SaaS
  • High Availability with Geo-Redundancy
  • Modular Features
  • License Key Upgrades
  • Intergrated Billing, Accounting, Payment Gateway and Proration
  • Multi-tenant White Label and Hosted PBX, SIP Trunk and Residential services
  • Firewall/SBC Functionality
  • Toll Fraud Protection



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