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Telecommunications & WAN Equipment Supplier

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Pulse Supply is your WAN hardware headquarters.




Pulse Supply is your global supplier of telecommunications equipment and data communications hardware, software and cloud solutions for enterprises, government, and service providers.

We solve complex LAN/WAN applications.

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SIP, T1, PRI, FXS, and Router
Business IP Gateway
Adtran 908e Business IP Gateway 

The premier solution for branch office connectivity. This unit is the defacto standard for getting businesses connected!

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High Density, Rock Solid
VoIP and Media Gateways  
TMG800 and TMG3200 VoIP Gateways 

Let Pulse Supply solve legacy integration of SIP, TDM, SS7, E1, T1, PRI, and CAS signaling 

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ISDN Converter & Switch
ISDN BRI/PRI to IP Gateway
Liberator ISDN Gateway - Master Distributor 

Carrier-Grade ISDN Gateway, Switch, Converter, and Concentrator designed for E1/T1 PRI and PRI over IP networks!

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Multi-Gigabit Wireless Solutions
Siklu Gigabit Wireless Radios - Master Distributor 

Point-to-Point and Multi-Point wireless products for extending high-speed IP and Internet Networks!


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Your Key To Success

Pulse Supply is your premier telecommunications equipment supplier and is one of the largest distributors of data communications hardware. Pulse Supply is also your one-stop WAN equipment supplier. We specifically help companies and organizations reach their goals through technology.

We work with service providers, carriers, utilities, government, enterprise and resellers looking to leverage our 20+ years of relationships, manufacturers, and experience.
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    Buy Today!Let us show you what we can do for your company or organization:

    * Redefining TDM Networks
    * SFP Network Converters
    * Are you struggling with legacy TDM connections and their associated operating expenses?
    * Carrier Grade, Large Area Cellular Extender and Repeater Extends cellular reception to large  areas, valleys, and tunnels where existing cell towers are inadequate
    * Leading Edge Communications Cellular and SMS Gateways
    * Tap into the world of Cellular Communications to save money and improve network efficiency

Total Control, QoS
Intelligent Application Appliances 
Exinda Control and Prioritize Traffic, Users and Applications 

If you are not sure what is going on in your network, you can have simplified deep access into your entire network traffic!

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Carrier Grade, Large Area
Cellular Extender and Repeater  
XPANDAcell RPT-9000 Cellular Extender and Repeater 

Extends cellular reception to large areas, valleys and tunnels where existing cell towers are inadequate

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Market Leader, Quality
Yealink Business Phones
Yealink Phones from Pulse Supply 

Pulse Supply is a stocking distributor of the extremely popular Yealink business phones and accessories!

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Digital Patch Panel
Serial, RS-232, RS-530, V.35, and X.21
Digital Patch Panel - RS-232 RS-530 V.35 X.21 

Legacy access and patching to serial data connections in a modular chassis. Hard to find, but Pulse Supply has them!

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Industrial Telephone
and Communication Platforms  
gaitronics industrial telephones and communication platforms 

Provides heavy-duty telephony products and platforms for manufacturing, mining, utilities, warehouse and more.

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IP and Serial Wireless Router
Cellular LTE Industrial Gateway
Encore EN-2000 Cellular LTE Gateway 

High-performance low-cost broadband router designed for Ethernet and Legacy Serial Data over LTE Cellular networks!

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Redefining TDM Networks
SFP Network Converters
RAD MiRICIi SFP Network Converters 

Are you struggling with legacy TDM connections and their associated operating expenses?

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Leading Edge Communications
Cellular and SMS Gateways
HG-4000 Cellular Gateways for VoIP, TDM and SMS 

Tap into the world of Cellular Communications to save money and improve network efficiency 

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Powerful Sub 6ghz
Wireless Broadband Radios
Airmux Wireless Broadband Radios 

Airmux line of ptp and ptmp
broadband wireless radios deliver
high capacity Ethernet and TDM services

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Your Telecommunications & WAN Equipment Supplier

If you are an IT solutions or technology provider, VAR, distributor, reseller or service provider looking for new ways to increase opportunity and revenue, Pulse Supply can be your trusted telecommunications equipment supplier to help you win business in technology areas you have limited experience with. We can help you provide highly profitable niche solutions that many providers choose not to pursue.
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  • - Increase your revenue and grow your business by partnering with the premier WAN hardware equipment supplier & more!
  • - Access to thousands of products
  • - Pre-sales support to make sure it’s the right solution
  • - Work with people who care about seeing your business succeed
  • - Your customers need products that fall outside of your expertise. Fill technology and product gaps
  • - Choose between agent or reseller programs for maximum flexibility


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Product Distribution

Pulse Supply is a master distributor for the most popular networking products in the industry. We are one of the largest telecommunications & WAN equipment suppliers.

Cloud Services

Looking for modern cloud product services? Pulse Supply can provide you with some of the most powerful SaaS and Cloud services in the industry. We are experts and know the cloud.


Are you looking to expand, change or modify your communications network? Pulse Supply can help with over 20+ years of experience in the industry. Outsource with Pulse Supply today!


Are you looking to streamline your communications network purchases, configurations and shipments? Pulse Supply can simplify your internal processes?


Whether you need technical support services to project managment, Pulse Supply has a wide array of custom tailored services to fit your requirements.

High Availability

Looking for redundancy and high availability solutions to virtualized/hyper connected application servers that don't require a masters degree in implementation?