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RSS Digital A/B Switching System

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  • Switch up to 16 A/B Ports, Individually or Gang
  • IP/Internet access and Control
  • SNMP Managed
  • Option for Redundant Power or/and Control Card
  • Supports RS-232/V.24, RS-530/422, V.35, Ethernet, RJ-45, DS-3 and 50 pin amphenol interfaces
  • Supports DB-9, DB-15, DB-25, RJ-45, Dual BNC and V.35
  • Perfect for Lab environments, Disaster recovery, offsite backup, SCADA, E911 centers and more
  • AC or DC power



The Redundancy Switching System (RSS) provides reliable switchover of communications circuits for line protection and equipment redundancy applications. Create fault-tolerant systems with either simultaneous (gang) switching or independent control of each A/B switch.

These physical layer switches allow redundant systems to be automatically, remotely or manually operated, insuring maximum uptime for critical communication circuits.

Relay based switch modules insure communications, even when power is removed or control connections are down. This fail soft technology is optimized for applications.

Network operations require 24/7/365 non-stop uptime. Insure your network uptime with Dataprobe redundancy solutions.

A/B switch cards are available in standard communication interfaces. Each A/B switch card includes the proper connectors; no additional interface modules are required. A/B switch cards support all the leads in their respective interfaces, making them ideal for a wide variety of circuit arrangements.


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