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Cisco routers and switches: Alternative?

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Alternative to Cisco Routers



Your company or organization has been buying Cisco® Ethernet switches and routers for years. You know there are alternatives to Cisco routers and it seems very confusing with so many choices. Your technical personnel are trained and know the Cisco® product inside and out. It appears to make sense to keep things the way they are and stay safe. The old adage "No one ever got fired for using IBM®" has made an indelible mark to this day.

why buy Cisco routers and switches - Go Adtran!

The day has finally arrived. It's okay, you don't need to buy Cisco® routers or switches for edge deployments, SMB offices, or any router WAN requirement of 1 Gbps or less. The same is true for layer 2 and 3-gigabit Ethernet switches.


What is this alternative? What is the answer? The Adtran Netvanta series of routers and Ethernet switches, and are sold by Pulse Supply!


Benefits of ADTRAN NetVanta

Still not sure? Let us give you another reason to make the change for your edge requirements. Are you ready? You DO NOT have to retrain your technical personnel. That's correct, we could send you an Adtran Netvanta Router or Switch tomorrow and your Cisco trained technical personnel could start programming it immediately with no training. The command line is nearly identical to Cisco IOS®.


If you are still not sure, have you looked at your IT budget? Do you wish you had more capital for other projects? maybe to hire another technical person? What if we could give you everything we mentioned and save you 20-35% on your edge router and switch requirements? That's just another benefit of the Adtran Netvanta router and switch product line available from Pulse Supply.


What about performance and reliability? All Netvanta routers and switches are all designed to outperform their competitive Cisco® models. Adtran designs all of its powerful ASIC chips in-house. Adtran is known for reliability, that is why you get a 5-year warranty on routers and limited lifetime warranties on switches.

Adtran Netvanta Routers and Switches 

What about support? The Netvanta router and switch product line have Adtrans world-class ACE's support contract option for standard and 7x24 support either remote or onsite. Did we mention that you get free software updates for the life of your Netvanta product even without a support contract?


It's time to make the change and start saving money with this alternative to Cisco. Your competition has already started the switch, is it time for you?


Download the Netvanta brochures:


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