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Zoom Video Room Kits

Simplified Kits for Zoom room conferences


Zoom Video Room and Huddle Kits- YealinkPulse Supply and Zoom are your perfect video room solution. 

Zoom is a leader in video conferencing services. Brought to the forefront by Covid-19, it changed the way in which we communicate and collaborate in business. Though we could use integrated cameras and microphones from our PCs and Smartphones, the quality and momentum of a meeting can suffer greatly.


Video Room kits to the rescue.
With video and audio quality suffering, a video meeting held inside a company office or room requires certain components to provide a high-quality experience for the participants. The problem is how do I choose the right equipment with so many individual parts and pieces available? Pulse Supply has high-quality, ready-to-go kits that include everything you need for a professional, room-based video conference using the Zoom video service.


Small to large and huddle video room support for Zoom.
Whether you have a small huddle room or an extra-large conference room, Pulse Supply has you covered with an easy-to-setup and use Zoom video conference kit. From a simple meeting bar to a mini-PC-based solution with touch panel controls, Pulse Supply makes it easy to purchase the right Zoom kit.


Pulse Supply has been providing Video Conferencing solutions to all of North America for over 20 years. Where quality and pricing are typically not possible together in video conferencing solutions, Pulse Supply has achieved this combination through volume and passes it on to our valued customers. If you need Zoom video room conferencing kits, make sure you call Pulse Supply first and save some of your project budget for other important build-out needs.


Zoom Video Kit for Large Room- yealink



Pulse Supply is at the forefront of Video Conference technology, such as:


 Zoom Kit - Small to Medium Room - Video Conference



  • Simplified Video Room Kits
  • High-Quality Video
  • High-Quality Audio
  • Zoom Compatibility
  • Small to Large Video Conference Rooms
  • Huddle Video Conference Rooms



When Video Room Conferences with Zoom require quality and precision, choose Pulse Supply

Pulse Supply is not only a leader in video conference kits,  we match the hardware we provide with your overall networking requirements. When it's time for Zoom Video Conference Kit solutions, make sure you call Pulse Supply to get your free consultation and quote. 


ZVC400 - Zoom Room Kit - Yealink


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