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  • Carrier-class 3/1/0 non-blocking cross connect
  • 256 Mbps to 1.2 Gbps matrix
  • Expandable (stackable) 6U unit
  • Modular construction with 11 to 86 I/O slots
  • Services supported: n x 56/64 kbps, E1, T1, E3, T3 (including G.747), OC-3, STM-1 and channelized router
  • Supports up to 640 n x 56/64 kbps, 688 E1/T1, 80 E3/T3, eight STM-1/OC-3 as well as 80 channelized router ports
  • Service redundancy 1:N and 1:1 with optional protection switch (3U high unit) or on main unit for STM-1 or OC-3 modules
  • Optional 1:1 system redundancy
  • Built-in E1/T1 conversion including A-law/�-law and signaling conversion on E1/T1,E3/T3 and OC-3/STM-1 interfaces
  • Stratum 3 internal clock
  • Diagnostic capabilities including local and remote loopback and BER test
  • SNMP agent, ASCII terminal and RADview NMS support



DXC-100 is a scalable product, enabling incremental deployment of the voice and data network. As the network grows, up to eight DXC-100 units can be stacked to provide very high density grooming, concentration and cross connect.

Scalable platform with minimal initial investment. The modular, 6U high DXC-100 is the newest member of the DXC family of multiservice access nodes. Each high density chassis supports 80 n x 56/64 kbps, 88 E1, 88 T1, 11 E3, 11 T3, four STM-1, or four OC-3 links. Up to eight chassis can be stacked to support up to 640 n x 56/64 kbps, 688 E1, 688 T1, 80 E3, 80 T3, eight STM-1, or eight OC-3 lines, for a powerful, central site solution (See the system capacity table on page 57 for more details). The scalable platform enables a carrier to deploy a low cost system that meets its current requirements and add more ports as its customer base grows.

Manages bandwidth for diverse voice and data applications DXC-100 satisfies a wide range of broadband and narrowband applications for carriers, cellular operators, ISPs, utility companies, and enterprises. Applications include E1/T1 conversion, high speed access to a carrier�s backbone, grooming fractional trunks into full trunks, maximizing data traffic payload over E3, T3, STM-1 or OC-3 trunks, grooming data traffic from different locations into a channelized Ethernet router, and grooming monitoring signals for Quality of Service or advanced services. It optimizes the SS7 network by consolidating n x 56/64 kbps and E1/T1 functionality in a single, cost-effective, managed device. The DXC-100 can also aggregate Ethernet traffic from several remote sites via different trunks (for example, ISP or corporate traffic) into one stream by using the channelized router module. Operating as a digital cross connect, the DXC-100 provides 3/1/0 non-blocking switching that is comparable to larger, more costly systems.

Protects investment in legacy networks

The DXC-100 can connect copper-based edge devices and networks to a fiber-based core, and performs port concentration and grooming for protocol-based platforms. Therefore, the DXC-100 provides a migration path to optical and packet-switched networks. The channelized router enables grooming traffic, saving the cost of additional equipment or ports.

Management and redundancy enhance reliability

Redundant system and services modules together with protection switching ensure dependable operation of the product. The RADview SNMP central network management system enables remote configuration and diagnostics, reducing operating expenses, eliminating costly technician visits, and maximizing network performance and uptime. The DXC-100 unit at the central site can use the in-band management feature to manage remote RAD multiservice access platform (MAP) products.