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Background of Our Telecommunications Company

Pulse began in 1995 when its founders saw the need for a true Value Added Distributor of Data Communications, Wide Area Networks and Voice over Data, now known as VoIP. The industry was filled with distributors who only knew part numbers and had no real design or multi-manufacturer experience. Today business faces even more confusion with companies claiming to have our expertise when their primary focus is cabling, telephone systems, copiers, personal computers, software or even office supplies.corporate background pulse folder

Carriers and voice providers were now providing a multitude of choices for network connectivity. The proliferation of the Internet saw a massive push to solve all business, academic and government communication needs with single company routers and switches.

This was adequate for fortune 500 companies, but for small to midsize businesses and fiscally responsible organizations there had to be viable alternatives. Pulse is a telecommunications company with extensive experience combining multi-manufacturer products with cutting edge technologies that reduce operating expenses, lower total cost of ownership and increase return on investment.


What Pulse Supply is Today? 

Today we are a telecommunications service provider that offers cost reduced solutions and services worldwide with our extensive knowledge of the computer networking industry and unique WAN, Datacomm, wireless, interface/signal conversion and distribution of VoIP. Each Pulse office is staffed with technically trained salespeople and/or engineers who understand business operations and the desire to solve your applications.


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Where do you turn when you're looking at products and solutions for:

  • Data Communications and WAN VoIP
  • Voice Compression
  • Wireless WAN
  • Cellular Gateways, Converters, and coverage extenders
  • Signaling Conversion (Voice and Data)
  • TDM over IP
  • Ethernet Extension and Consolidation
  • ATM, SONET and SDH Demarcation
  • Fiber Optic Conversion and Extension
  • Fiber Optic SFP converters and gateways
  • Unified Communications
  • Batteries and Inverters for Telecom Redundancy
  • Hardened Telephony Phones and Products
  • Legacy Datacom
  • Legacy Digital Patch Panels for V.35, X.21, V.36, and RS-232

You turn to Pulse.


 Pulse Supply has many products and solutions. Please call us or email us for a free consultation.