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TSU 600e

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  • T1/FT1 multiplexer
  • Six expansion slots with up to four DTE interfaces each; 24 interfaces total
  • SNMP management (SLIP interface only)
  • Channel bank replacement device
  • Available in AC and DC versions
  • Embedded SNMP via SLIP or 10BaseTSupported by N-FormTM
  • Optional secondary AC power supply for redundant powering



The TSU 600� and TSU 600e� are modular, full-featured T1/FT1 Integrated Access Devices (IADs) designed to support a wide range of end-user applications. Through the six expansion slots on the rear of the TSU 600/600e, the user has complete flexibility in the type of DTE interfaces required for the T1 application. By supporting up to 24 DTE interfaces, the TSU 600(e) provides the same functionality as a traditional channel bank, while providing a small form factor and end-user oriented features. The TSU 600(e) provides complete monitoring and control of internal functions with embedded Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) provided through a SLIP interface. The TSU 600e has the added benefit of an integrated 10BaseT ethernet interface.

Support for future growth, through the unit's six expansion slots, is a key feature of the TSU 600(e). The ability to combine many types of plug-in and plug-on modules provides extensive combinations of voice and data interfaces. Several data modules are available for single and dual-port access to Frame Relay, DDS or Basic Rate ISDN services provided over T1 facilities. Voice modules are also easily integrated, allowing access to analog voice circuits or PBX connections.

As a fully functional T1 Multiplexer, the TSU 600(e) supports all mixed-mode networking applications providing termination for circuits containing voice, data and video applications.

Configuration and management of the TSU 600(e) is available through a variety of methods. The TSU 600(e) supports SNMP with gets, sets and traps functionality through a built-in agent. ADTRAN� Enterprise MIBs support management for the TSU 600(e) and all installed expansion modules. For access to SNMP features, the TSU 600e has both a 10BaseT ethernet and a SLIP (EIA-232) connection, while the TSU 600 has a SLIP interface only. In addition to SNMP, the unit utilizes the management capabilities found in optional software products from ADTRAN including N-FORM (600e only) and T-Watch PRO.