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Total Access 850 T1/FT1

A low-cost, T1 Channel Bank. Converts a Digital T1 line into analog FXO, FXS, or E&M circuits. Supports a single V.35 data port. Supports TR-08 Integral IP router, ATM, ADSL, SDSL, and voice-over packet features.


The HyperGate series converts standard T1/E1 PRI voice lines to CDMA or GSM directly. Motorola C18 and TDMA supported. Supports up to 60 wireless links with up to (4) SIMs per channel. GSM 850,900, 1800 and 1900mhz supported. Additional features like integrated VOIP gateway, CallBack, and SMS are available. Eliminate landlines and circuits. AC Powered.


The VCL-CB E1 Channel bank offers all types of analog interfaces including FXO, FXS, and 2W/4W E&M interfaces, that may be required to deliver voice over an end-to-end E1 (radio/fiber / HDSL) links. E1 channel bank provides an answer supervision feature when the called party answers, upon receiving an actual battery reversal of the PSTN analog line. Both, the line connect and disconnect functions are provided using the actual battery reversal function of the PSTN analog line (e.g. much like your coin pay-phones). AC or DC Powered.


The VCL-PRI ISDN (Euro ISDN) Multiplexer bridges the gap between the analog and the digital E1 world by providing an intelligent interface to connect E1, PRI ISDN to 30 analog telephone sets. VCL-PRI ISDN (Euro ISDN ) Multiplexer is an ideal choice for Corporate and ISP customers who wish to connect their equipment with E1, PRI ISDN digital interfaces to analog telephone sets.

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