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These larger enterprise-level Network Fax Servers are perfect for large offices and organizations with more than 50 people. These enterprise fax servers can operate over standard analog telephone lines, Digital T1/E1/T3 or OC-3/STM-1. They provide many of the services like Print to Fax, Fax to Print, Fax to Email, Email to Fax, and T.38 fax over IP. They have scalability and redundancy features, partitioning, and billing features that are not present in small to medium size business network Fax servers.


Large Network Enterprise Fax Servers - Server Appliance for Faxing


With these additional Enterprise Network Fax features, important options such as workflow, Active Directory and LDAP integration, centralized system control, audit trails, CRM integration, API access, advanced document security, and HIPAA compliance attributes are addressable. Some advanced features like outbound character recognition (OCR) allow faxes to be scanned for predetermined words and sentences with legal or company intellectual property references that could be damaging. In addition, document routing and tracking are greatly enhanced for easier access and search capabilities which increase productivity and efficiency. Another important subject of Enterprise Network Fax Servers is the use of cloud-based services versus an on-premise solution. In many ways, a cloud-based solution allows the most flexibility, least amount of hardware, and technical support for most organizations, but in the end, it will come down to security-related issues and requirements. Cloud-based services have many security-based challenges due to breeches, DoS/DDoS, and lack of professional internal practices that protect its cloud infrastructure. We all know the largest Cloud providers for any type of service report breeches with important and sensitive data stolen on a regular basis. With on-premise solutions, there is no guarantee it cannot happen, but it is less likely if your network is properly safeguarded and allows you to be in control.



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Enterprise Fax Server for Larger Businesses - Supports Hundreds of Fax Users 



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