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Pulse Supply has several products and solutions that stand out from others. These products and solutions are either new or typically not well known in the market. We are constantly searching and testing new products which we deem innovative and worth your time.

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 SD-WAN From Pulse Supply    

The TeloIP SD-WAN solution is a game-changer!  Get reliable Internet service to your business or organization like an expensive private circuit.

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The PacketBand ISDN delivers transparent switched ISDN services across packet networks. All ports are synchronized with central, or network clocks, providing a fully clock-locked environment across IP packet networks.

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The RPT-9000 cellular extender and repeater allows any organization or cellular provider a low-cost alternative to extending cellular service.

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The HG-7000 SMS Pro Gateway allows any organization to build custom SMS applications utilizing standard IP with existing programs and databases.

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The powerful Tmedia Gateways provides direct conversion from SIP (VoIP) to SS7 with TDM support for E1, T1, DS3, STM-1, or OC-3 in a 1U High chassis.

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ioTRAN is a high-performance Class 5 Softswitch with High Availability and Geo-Redundancy. It contains all the necessary elements required for a successful implementation of carrier and enterprise VoIP services.

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     Digital Patching System

The First CDMA Cellular Gateway for USA Carriers! The new CellX gateway allows you to hook your PBX to either Verizon or Sprint cellular networks for alternate voice traffic routing.

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Digital Patch Panel for legacy RS-232, V.35, and RS-530 environments. Many companies and organizations are required to support older serial communications environments. The ability to manage, monitor, and troubleshoot this older technology is still required. Pulse Supply has this hard to find the solution.

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 Transition Networks Liberator S ISDN Converter    RadMiFlyer

The Liberator S is a 1U high rackmount voice signaling converter, concentrator, or switch for ISDN PRI to BRI signaling. ISDN Converter, ISDN Splitter, Switch, and Concentrator supports 1, 2 3, or 4 PRI interfaces and 4, 8, 12, or 16 ‘S/T’ BRIs

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Network functionality in a compact, SFP-size package! Rad Mi-Series products plug into an existing SFP port on switch or router to provide services such as Pseudowire, IP over TDM, Network Monitoring with QoS, and clocking.

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 Pulse Supply has many more products and solutions than listed. Please call us or email us for a free consultation.