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Encore Networks

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Encore Networks


Encore Networks is a leading manufacturer of commercial enterprise and industrial hardened routers. Encore Routers embed 4G cellular modems and feature IP, SSL, VPN, Firewall, Ethernet Switching, Legacy Copper Line POTS replacement, and serial data to IP interworking. Made in the USA, Encore’s BANDIT™ and EN™ routers are purpose-built for numerous Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and M2M applications including SCADA, Smart Grid, Security, Transportation, Lottery, Retail, and Banking industries. Encore’s enCloud™ Management System enables users to manage, monitor and configure distributed enterprises from a central location through the cloud. Encore enables companies to reduce total cost of ownership by reducing dependence on high-cost wireline connections and converting them seamlessly to next-generation cellular connections while protecting their embedded equipment investment.

Encore Networks Products 

  • LTE Category 1 Cellular Routers
  • 4G LTE Broadband Routers
  • 4G LTE/HSPA+ Broadband Router
  • Industrially Hardened And Commercial Grade Security Appliances
  • Legacy 2- and 4-Wire Copper Circuit - Seamless 4G/LTE Only/XLTE w/ 3G Cellular Conversion
  • High-density serial port expander
  • High-Performance VPN Platform Optimized For Hybrid Broadband Networks
  • Advanced Satellite and VPN Solutions
  • Sprint and Verizon certified Solutions




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