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These products are centered around accessing cellular and mobile networks. There are many advantages and features over traditional land lines. Such features include wireless disaster recovery, utilizing free cell to cell minutes and SMS marketing and communications. Access is possible to to most any cellular protocol and frequency which include GSM, CDMA and 3G/UMTS.



The Cellular Gateway is at the heart of most solutions for accessing cellular networks. They provide the conversion between cellular and T1, E1, and VoIP. Gateways also provide access to cellular SMS (text messages) by converting to standard based TCP, HTTP and SMPP protocols. This allows the gateway to talk with most any software application or SMS aggregator. Gateways can also provide advanced functiionality by sitting between a PBX/Telephone system and traditional voice land line voice circuits.



SMS or cellular text messaging has become the leading form of communications for marketing, polls, corporate contact and many other applications. Traditionally you would have to use SMS Aggregator or online service. For inbound SMS applications these traditionals can be very cost effective, but for outbound SMS the SMS Cellular gateway is more cost effective and provides greater security.


Extenders and Repeaters

These products extend and repeat cellular tower signals. This allows areas with limited or non existent cellular reception to receive normal cellular signals in rural, valleys, hills and underground locations. These products can pull signals from up to 60km away and are agnostic to the cellular carrier and type of service. The extend voice, data and video.




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