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PORTech Communications


Portech is a manufacturer of specialized Cellular, VoIP and IP based products that solve common conversions for Voice, GSM, 2G, 3G, SMS, and remote power control. These solutions include:

portech products from Pulse Supply 

  • VoIP to Cellular Gateways
  • Cellular to VoIP Gateways
  • Analog FXO/FXS to VoIP Gateways
  • VoIP to analog FXO/FXS Gateways
  • SIM Servers
  • SIM Banks
  • E1/T1/PRI GSM Channel Banks
  • IP Speakers
  • IP Audio Gateways
  • IP Broadcasting Systems
  • GSM Signal Boosters
  • Smart Power Monitor/Switch



Product Categories


VoIP to Cellular Gateways
VoIP to Cellular Gateways allows standard SIP traffic to communicate over Cellular networks or Cellular to VoIP.


mv-3732 cellular gateway 
: High-Density VoIP to Cellular Gateway (32 ports)

mv-3716 cellular gateway 
MV-3716: Mid-Density VoIP to Cellular Gateway (16 Ports)

mv-378 cellular gateway 
MV-378: Low-Density VoIP to Cellular Gateway (8 Ports)

mv-374 cellular gateway 
MV-374: Low-Density VoIP to Cellular Gateway (4 Ports)

mv-372 cellular gateway 
MV-372: Low-Density VoIP to Cellular Gateway (2 Ports)

mv-370 cellular gateway 
MV-370: Low-Density VoIP to Cellular Gateway (1 Port)




Analog PSTN and Digital to Cellular Gateways
Analog PSTN and Digital T1/E1/PRI to Cellular Gateways allow legacy telephone circuits (FXO/FXS/T1/E1/PRI) to communicate over Cellular.


dmt-e1 cellular GSM channel bank   
: Digital T1/E1/PRI to Cellular Gateway ( up to 31 ports)

mt-360 analog pstn cellular gateway 
MT-360: Analog FXS to Cellular Gateway ( 1 Port)

mt-358 analog pstn cellular gateway 
MT-358: Analog FXO/FXS to Cellular Gateway ( 8 Ports)

mt-354 analog pstn cellular gateway 
MT-354: Analog FXO/FXS to Cellular Gateway ( 4 Ports)

mt-350 analog pstn cellular gateway 
MT-350: Analog FXO/FXS to Cellular Gateway ( 1 Port)




SIM Banks and SIM Server
SIM banks and SIM Servers allow control of SIM cards remotely from anywhere in the world when used with the Portech MV-xxxx series of VoIP to Cellular Gateways.


sbk-128 SIM bank 
SBK-128: High-Density SIM Card Bank (128 Slots)

sbk-32 SIM Bank 
 SBK-32: Low-Density SIM Card Bank (32 Slots)

ss-512 sim server 
 SS-SIM Server: SIM Server Software ( up to 2,560 SIMs control)




GSM Signal Boosters and Antennas
Provide a signal boost in low reception areas, offices, and homes


bt-921 dualband booster 
BT-921:  GSM and 3G Signal Booster (1700-2100Mhz)

bt-921 dualband booster 
:  GSM and 3G Signal Booster (800-900Mhz)

omni antenna portechOmni Antenna:  Omni directional antenna (7 dbi)



IP Audio Gateways
Converts SIP audio to analog audio output for broadcasting systems.


is-3840 ip audio gateway 
IS-3840: IP audio gateway (Single Audio Port with Amplifier)

is-382 ip audio gateway  
IS-382: IP audio gateway (Two Audio Ports)

is-381 ip audio gateway  
IS-381: IP audio gateway (Two Audio Ports)

ibs ip broadcasting system  
IBS: IP Broadcasting Software (up to 200 devices)




IP Speakers
Provides direct SIP communications with a speaker with built-in amplification.


is-670 ip wall mount speaker 
: IP wall mount speaker with POE

is-660 ip ceiling mount speaker  
IS-660: IP ceiling mount speaker with POE

is-650 ip horn speaker  
IS-650: IP horn speaker with POE

is-640p ip wood wall mount speaker  
IS-640P: IP wall mount speaker with POE

is-640 ip wood wall mount speaker  
IS-640: IP wall mount speaker without POE



Smart Power Monitor/Switch
Provides remote control of power outlets via IP, Internet and/or the PSTN.


SP-8H Remote Power Monitor and Switch 
SP-8H: Remote power switch (up to 128 outlets w/Master & Slaves)

sp-8l smart power monitor  
SP-8L: Remote power switch (up to 8 outlets)

sp-4l smart power monitor  
SP-4L: Remote power switch (up to 4 outlets)

zdl-2 smart power monitor  
ZDL-2: Remote power switch (up to 4 outlets)








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