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  • Modular media converter and repeater, operating over fiber optic, UTP, STP and coax lines
  • Supports retimed media converting/repeating for:
    • 51 Mbps OC-1
    • 100 Mbps TAXI
    • 155 Mbps OC-3/STM-1
    • 155 Mbps STS-3c over UTP/STP
    • 155 Mbps STS-3c/STM-1 over coax
    • FDDI
    • Fast Ethernet
  • Supports transparent conversion of fiber optic signals up to 155 Mbps for:
    • Ethernet
    • Token Ring
  • Provides Ethernet/Fast Ethernet bridging over fiber optic links
  • Complies with ATM Forum and ITU-T G.957 and G.958 specifications
  • Supports hot-swappable, electrical and fiber optic modules, including long haul and WDM interfaces
  • Supports activation of simultaneous loopbacks towards network and user sides for isolation of the network failure sources


  • AMC-101, universal modular media converter, provides retimed or transparent conversion of optical and electrical signals for ATM, SDH/SONET, FDDI, Fast Ethernet and other protocols at data rates of up to 155 Mbps.
  • AMC-101 supports the following module types:
    • Retimed modules, which provide clock regeneration and data reshaping
    • Transparent modules, which provide low-cost conversion for applications that do not require repeating or reclocking.
  • A long haul fiber optic option is available to provide an increased range of up to 110 km (68 miles).
  • The SF1, SF2 and SF3 modules allow AMC-101 to operate over single strand fiber optic cables. The SF1 and SF2 modules use the WDM technology, and SF3 modules utilize proprietary transmission method.


  • AMC-101 provides retimed media conversion for the following protocols over optical and copper cables:
    • 51 Mbps OC-1
    • 100 Mbps TAXI
    • 155 Mbps OC-3/STM-1
    • 155 Mbps STS-3c over UTP/STP
    • 155 Mbps STS-3c/STM-1 over coax
    • FDDI
    • Fast Ethernet
  • When used as a media and interface converter, AMC-101 provides a cost-effective alternative to fiber optic interfaces of routers, ATM devices and ADMs.
  • AMC-101 equipped with Ethernet/Fast Ethernet modules performs UTP to fiber optic conversion with or without bridging.


  • AMC-101 with transparent modules provides cost-effective media conversion without repeating and reclocking
  • Transparent modules are recommended for shorter range applications. Otherwise, retimed modules should be used