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IP Transport

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These products are core IP-based products which include routers, switches, optimization, bandwidth management, and hardware load balancing. These products also include TDM over IP technology which allows traditional TDM based equipment to operate over Ethernet/IP packet-based networks.



These products connect separate networks by using packet-based communications with IP transport networks being the most prevalent. The Internet is made of millions of routers worldwide. Routers read incoming packet addresses and determine where the packet should be forwarded to in order to reach its final destination. Routers must be sized and configured for a particular application, the type of traffic, and the amount of bandwidth it will handle. They typically operate at Layer 3 or higher of the ISO model.



These products create computer networks by connecting Ethernet devices such as computers, laptops, servers, appliances, etc. together. Ethernet Switches have copper, fiber, or SFP ports that are attached to a high-speed backplane for handling and separating large amounts of IP bandwidth. They typically operate at Layer 2 of the ISO models, but some higher-end models operate at Layer 3 and 4.



These products transport legacy TDM traffic over Ethernet/IP networks. Older Data, Voice and Video equipment may still be utilized in today's IP transport networks. TDM over IP allows older TDM based communications like T1, E1, T3, E3, ISDN BRI/PRI, and Serial Data to be transparently converted to IP on one end of a network and be transported across the street or around the world to reappear as the same TDM over IP communications. Latency on these devices is very low and advanced timing recovery options are utilized.



These products optimize IP transport networks that communicate through routers. Since the IP bandwidth is usually smaller on Wide Area Network compared to the LAN where are all the devices such as a computer, laptops and servers are connected together, some control and optimization are required between the Router and the Switch. These devices look at the IP traffic and determine what type of protocol or applications are being utilized to perform priority and optimization of the individual packets. This allows higher priority traffic like voice or video to be sent to the router first and limits traffic like email, IM, or bit torrent.



These products sit between the Wide Area Network and the LAN to provide added security beyond what may be running on servers, PCs, and laptops. These devices not only perform firewall functions, but they also have additional features like Intrusion detection, Denial of Service protection, Email security, Web-based application security, spyware detection, antivirus protection, HTTPS scanning, and more.


Hardware Load Balancing

These products allow multiple IP circuits to work together as one large pipe. Hardware load balancers provide redundancy and increased bandwidth. They may also be used with multiple servers and applications so that the traffic is balanced between them providing higher performance and redundancy in case one or more servers fail.




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