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Mark II Dynatech Digital Patch Panel

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  • Digital Patching for RS-232, V.35, RS530 and X.21
  • Bifurcated cobalt and gold plated patch contacts
  • No exposed contacts or latching mechanisms
  • Dynapatch� lifetime guarantee
  • Will pass signal up to 2MHZ
  • Fiber optic high intensity LED interface monitoring available
  • Audible and visual interface alarming
  • Test and monitor access to circuits
  • V.24/V.35/X.21/RS-530/RS-574/G703/V.36 interface options



The need for reliable, flexible, and cost effective patching, monitoring, alarming, and testing of data communications circuits has not diminished with time. The product solution fulfilling this requirement , the �Dynapatch�� is and has been synonymous with outstanding quality for more than two decades. The Dynapatch� products have a long standing history of reliability, durability, and ruggedness. Independent laboratory testing confirmed the product's resilience by it being unaffected by more than five thousand patch insertions and extractions.

The Dynapatch� pioneered the normal-through patching technique. Normal-through connections are achieved without the use of any switches, cords or plugs. It provides a continuous connection from the DCE (modem) input to the DTE (computer) input. This connection is accomplished by gold plated springs being in tensional contact with gold plated contact pads on the printed circuit board.

Cross patching is achieved by the insertion of patch cords into the front of the jack, in either the top hole position (DTE/Computer) or middle hole position (DCE/Modem), the normal-through connection is broken and the circuit is connected through the patch cord instead. The bottom patch hole in the jack is for monitoring only, and does not break the normal-through connection.

A non-normal-through patch jack is also available. For this, the gold springs are not used and an insertion of a patch cord into the DCE (modem) opening and into the DTE (computer) opening, using the same jack or other non-normal through jacks in the rack (s).

Several options are available, including basic patching, electrical interface monitoring, audible and visual alarming on circuit events. In addition to these features, Dynetcom patching offers easy datascope access to the electrical interface to allow interactive circuit testing or passive circuit monitoring.


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