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x800 Series

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  • Accelerated WAN applications deliver high productivity gains
  • Optimized & controlled WAN communications
  • Significant communications costs reductions
  • Server infrastructure centralization and consolidation
  • Maintain dynamic, resilient WAN performance
  • Reduced infrastructure & upgrade costs
  • Ensure predictable application performance
  • Comprehensive Layer2 to Layer7 visibility
  • Comprehensive, automated reporting
  • Reduced network troubleshooting costs
  • Reduced business continuity risk
  • Voice & data effectively converged & prioritized



The network challenge

The Wide Area Network (WAN) has inherent delay and bandwidth limitations. Applications deployed across the WAN are inefficient and slow due to these limitations. Further to this, repetitive data is sent across the WAN, increasing total utilization and introducing congestion. Various applications further compete for these limited WAN resources causing congestion and degradation of critical applications. IT managers are realizing that it is far more economic and effective to manage and optimize their existing infrastructure by understanding how it is used, defining what's important for the business and accelerating WAN & application performance.

The solution

Exinda Networks provides a range of fully integrated WAN & application acceleration (AA) appliances to accelerate the performance of enterprise applications over the WAN. Combined with Exinda's award-winning traffic management technologies, they deliver the complete solution for dynamic performance delivery across the WAN. Exinda's x800 range offers a full spectrum of Application Acceleration, WAN Optimization and Traffic Management technologies in a proven, resilient platform. Businesses can produce exhaustive network reports, manage network usage, solve congestion issues, prioritize sensitive services and enable users to gain faster and uninterrupted access to applications across the world. Exinda's transparent acceleration protocol further allows a seamless network integration leaving all access controls rules and IDS/IPS policies in place.

Exinda Unified Performance Management (UPM)

UPM appliances are designed to accelerate applications on the network, measure application response times, manage applications at layer 7 and report on system wide application usage on a unified platform. Introducing Exinda UPM: A single appliance providing Application Acceleration, Protocol Optimization, Caching & Data Compression, Application (Layer 7)Monitoring, Traffic Shaping / QoS, Application Specific Monitoring (ASAM - VoIP, Citrix, URL), Service Level Management (network & application), and Reporting & Notifications.