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Bert Tester Basic

The HBT high-speed BER tester is a Bit Error Rate tester for evaluating the performance of synchronous modems and other DCEs. HBT high-speed BER tester operates at data rates from 32 kbps to 2.048 Mbps, including 1.544 Mbps, and supports all n x 56 kbps and n x 64 kbps data rates. Simple to use, the HBT high-speed BER tester performs a loop test, comparing the transmitted and received patterns. A detachable external power supply powers the handheld unit.

Bert Tester/Analyzer

This portable, powerful tool is simple to use. Its compact architecture, large LCD, and unmatched reliability provide you with the perfect tool for installing and troubleshooting T1/E1 lines and RS-232/V.35/RS-449/RS-530/X.21 circuits.

Analyzer Advanced

The NetProbe 1000 Series of advanced communications is a multi-functional analyzer for worldwide applications for telco's, CLEC's, IXC's, wireless carriers, utilities, field maintenance and operations, and more. The perfect tool for installing and troubleshooting STM/Sonet, GSM, Voice T1/E1 lines, and RS-232/V.35/RS-449/RS-530/X.21 circuits.

Ethernet Tester

Handheld 10/100/Gigabit Ethernet Tester. The ideal tool for field engineers and technicians installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting Metro and Carrier Ethernet networks.

ADC PatchMate Digital Patch Panel

The ADC PatchMate Digital Patch Panel system for RS-232, RS-530, X.21 and V.35 interfaces has been discontinued, but we have replacements for this system! Please Contact or Email us for more information!

RSS Digital Patch Panel

The RSS is an IP-controlled Digital A/B Switching System that supports speeds up to 1 Gbps. Supports RS-232/V.24, RS-530/422, V.35, Ethernet, RJ-45, DS-3, and 50 pin Amphenol interfaces. A single RSS chassis supports sixteen circuit modules and redundant power and control modules. These devices allow you to quickly switch single modules or gang all modules at once. AC or DC Power.

LPM Digital Patch Panel

The LPM LEDPatch is a Digital Patch System that supports speeds up to 10 Mbps with RS-232/V.24, RS-530/422 and V.35 interfaces. A single LPM chassis supports sixteen circuit modules and one test module. These devices allow you to quickly patch or monitor serial fractional circuits.

ISP Digital Switch Panel

The ISP Intelligent Switch Patch is a chassis-mounted switching and patching system for commonly used digital interfaces RS-232/V.24, RS-530/422, V.35, and X.21 supporting speeds up to 2 Mbps. Individual circuits, all 16 circuits in a chassis or a group of user-defined circuits can be switched by remote console command or automatically upon alarm. Push buttons can be used to switch individual circuits or gang switch an entire chassis.

Digital Patch Panel - Dynatech

Normal-through connections are achieved without the use of any switches, cords, or plugs. It provides a continuous connection from the DCE (modem) input to the DTE (computer) input. Cross patching is achieved by the insertion of patch cords into the front of the jack, in either the top hole position (DTE/Computer) or middle hole position (DCE/Modem), the normal-through connection is broken and the circuit is connected through the patch cord instead. The bottom patch hole in the jack is for monitoring only.

Manual A/B & Cross Over Switch

Manually operated fallback switches offer a low-cost alternative to the electro-mechanical solutions where cost is a major issue or where manual switching is deemed to be the preferred solution. The manually operated A/B switch comes in two versions; a rack mount or a standalone, desktop version. The rack-mount version holds up to 18 A/B switch modules in a 4U(7”) high chassis for network applications.

A manually operated cross-over switch allows either two computer ports or terminals and two modems to be crossed over. The manually operated cross-over switch comes in two versions; a rack mount and a standalone version. The rack-mount version holds up to 9 cross-over switch modules in either a 3U(5¼) high chassis or a 4U(7”) high chassis using EPE-0 jack extenders for multiple applications..

Remote A/B Switching

Remote A/B switching capability for two Channels in a rack-mounted 1U Chassis. The unit can monitor selected circuits for activity and respond with a variety of alarm and switching actions depending on how the controller is programmed. Switching can be manually controlled locally, automatically controlled locally, or controlled remotely. Each chassis can be equipped with the capability of switching any combination of RS232/V.24, RS530, or V.35 with using DB25 connectors, X.21 using DB15 connectors, G703 using BNC connectors or Ethernet, T1/E1, RS232/EIA 561, using RJ-45 connectors. All industry-standard products that use DB25 or RJ-45 port connectors can be supported. The RJ-45 and BNC module is available in both single or dual bank versions.


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