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  • Carrier-class OC-3/OC-12 SONET multiplexer in a compact (2U), full capacity arrangement
  • Interoperable with GR-253 compliant SONET multiplexers
  • Single ended into most GR-253 multiplexers or double ended deployment
  • Can be used as a High Speed Point to Point Fiber Mux
  • Ethernet over SONET capability; GFP ITU-T G.7041 compliant
  • Optional auto in-service for network and trib connections
  • DS1, DS3/EC-1, Ethernet, and OC-3 transport services Protection on tributaries
  • No stranded capacity & capital savings are immediate & all capacity is available for revenue producing services
  • Range of 40 km using 1310/1550 nm two fiber
  • Comprehensive maintenance capabilities & TL1, SNMP, craft menus; Total Access EMS support (planned)
  • Management functions and alarms over the DCC for manageability within the SONET framework
  • Up to 84 DS1s fed directly from the system
  • 19- or 23-inch rackmount placement
  • Both 24 and 48 VDC powering; optional AC kit
  • Industry-leading 10-year warranty

Service providers are faced with capital constraints and the continuing need to incrementally expand existing infrastructures in a cost-effective manner. They frequently face challenges posed by the limited electrical range of DS3s and DS1s and the cost of converting optical to electrical interfaces for transport through expensive high-capacity network elements.

The ADTRAN Total Access OPTI-MX delivers the required features and functions for cost-effective network expansion. This compact, state-of-the-art unit seamlessly integrates with and modernizes existing networks. The Total Access OPTI-MX consolidates discrete optical and multiplexer network elements into one small 2U (3.5-inch high) chassis. Its feature set, small footprint, low cost, and diverse deployment options make the Total Access OPTI-MX a powerful tool that addresses DS1, DS3/EC-1 (STS-1 electrical interface), Ethernet, and optical services delivery to the subscriber. It maintains all of the maintenance and administration tools necessary for service providers to administer their networks efficiently.

Its fully integrated design provides the management and redundancy features expected of carrier-class broadband multiplexers. Total Access OPTI-MX is the industry's first OC-3/OC-12 multiplexer to deliver a combination of DS1, DS3/EC-1s, Ethernet, and OC-3 drops. ADTRAN provides the ability to utilize all of the bandwidth in an OC-3 or OC-12 for customer services without stranded bandwidth. Its compact design is significantly smaller than similar products and delivers superior functionality at a fraction of the price.


  • Terminal mode, subtend a GR-253 compliant SONET ADM
  • End-to-end OPTI-MX to OPTI-MX Architecture
  • Very low card count, high degree of integration, compact design
  • Optional protection of high-speed interfaces
  • Optional protection of low-speed interfaces, DS1, DS3/EC-1, OC-3 Services
  • DS1 (24 to 84 with redundancy)
  • DS3/EC-1 (1 to 9 with redundancy)
  • Ethernet (1 to 36 )
  • OC-3 (1 to 4 with redundancy)

The Total Access OPTI-MX consists of a common equipment module (the OMM), a maintenance interface module (the SCM), and line cards (tributary modules). The common equipment module contains a high speed interface and common circuitry.