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Intelligent Switch Panel

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  • Check A/B Switch Status of any Interface
  • Define Switch Sets (Custom Switching Combinations
  • Define Alarms on each Circuit Interface
  • Switch Individual Circuits, Entire Chassis or Groups
  • Reconfigure Switch on Alarm Condition
  • Connect any Circuit to Monitor/Test Equipment
  • Disable Local Front Panel Control of Chassis
  • Software Breakout Box Display
  • Available in ASCII Terminal or VIRtuoso Software
  • Local Patching Capabilities
  • Remote Test Access



The ISP Intelligent Switch Patch is a chassis mounted switching and patching system for commonly used digital interfaces RS-232/V.24, RS-530/422, V.35, and X.21 supporting speeds up to 2 Mbps. Individual circuits, all 16 circuits in a chassis or a group of user-defined circuits can be switched by remote console command or automatically upon alarm. Push buttons can be used to switch individual circuits or gang switch an entire chassis. If desired, the manual switching capabilities can be disabled with a console command. Although patching is normally performed manually with patch cords, a remote console can command an electronic patch within each chassis.

Each switch/patch card contains five signal monitoring LEDs. A single chassis supports up to 16 A/B switchable circuits. The console management link can be daisy-chained among multiple chassis within a single location. The console can be any ASCII terminal or a PC with VIR's optional Windows based VIRtuoso software.

A single VIRtuoso-equipped PC can support up to 32,000 circuits at up to 20 physical locations. If a network contains more than eight locations, dial-up or X.25 connections can provide shared access among some or all comm ports. The console can be configured to place outgoing calls and receive incoming calls from the ISP locations.

Each circuit can be individually configured for up to 8 alarms on presence or absence of physical layer signals. The operator is alerted when any alarm condition occurs with date and time stamp along with an alarm description. The operator can also display a "software breakout box" with color coded signal status for any circuit in the network. Signal status for the entire chassis can also be displayed on the screen.

The ISP is particularly suitable for unattended sites without technical personnel. In the event of a problem, console commands would establish the physical connection from the tester to the circuit in question for either bridged (monitor) or intrusive testing such as BERT or protocol simulation. In those sites, a third-party tester would be installed for problem investigation. The chassis mounts in a NEMA standard 19� cabinet and occupies 7� (4U) of vertical space.