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Have you thought about increasing your B2B revenue and profit by offering additional services? Pulse Supply offers you the white label hosted voip platform service from Talking Platforms! For most businesses and organizations offering services to other businesses, retaining their customers can be a challenge. Your customers may have a business already providing their specialty service and introducing that they now offer the service you are providing, you now have a possibility of losing your customer. Many companies providing B2B services have now begun to offer phone services.Talking Platforms white label VoIP platform for Resellers

The challenge to providing phone service is the platform. To create a platform from nothing is a very complicated process and even then does not guarantee your customers will be provided reliable and secure service. Do you really want to take chances with your B2B customers? There is an easier way by using a proven and reliable platform for over 10 years from Talking Platforms. They built it form the ground up to address just this type of market. Its 100% white label which means your customers will think it's your platform. You can even send them invoicing directly from the platform completely branded with your company and branding. You are running the service completely! of course Talking Platforms will be there to support you and provide guidance. There is even a white label support program if you want to offload the support, but still maintain your brand to the customer.


With the Talking Platforms white label hosted VoIP platform you receive all these benefits and features:

  1. Reliable and Secure VoIP platform
  2. Support for PBX Hosting, SIP Trunking and Single Line/Residential accounts
  3. White Label - Your customer only knows you for the service
  4. You own your customersTalking Platforms Reseller
  5. Your customers pay you directly
  6. Integrated Billing, Accounting and Taxation
  7. No competition - they only sell to resellers and never end users
  8. No long term commitments or contracts - simple agreement
  9. No minimum monthly requirements
  10. No data bandwidth charges
  11. Make up to 70% profit margin
  12. Recurring revenue



Great features to let you provide professional phone service!


• Cloud based
• On-Line Administration (Multi-Level portal based administration for reseller, company and user)
• Profit Center and Branding (Unlimited Entries)
• Multi-product/service creation (unlimited)
• Generic Product Creation (Sell your own products and include with invoice)
• Integrated Billing, Accounting and Taxation
• SureTax Integration for Federal, local and telecom automated taxation (optional)
• Payment Gateway (allows automatic billing and payment)
• Reseller and Customer Alerting (Workflow with Status and Issues)
• Free Intra-Domain Calls (Extension to extension)
• Extension Calling (Extension to extension)
• Hunt Groups (Ring Groups. Unlimited. Three stages with final. Redirects to all pbx services or external number)
• Conference Rooms (Conference Bridge with participant announcement/PIN)
• Paging (Intercom. on approved phones with auto speakerphone. Support for External and ceiling mount Paging)
• Auto Attendants (Recordable or Professional Recordings. Up to 10 Destinations. Redirect and Service Flag)
• ACD/Agent Groups (Agent Login/Logout. Up to 10 Announcements with Digit Features)
• IVR Nodes
• Voicemail (Phone Message Indicator and Voicemail to Email. PIN, Choice of Announcement and permission access)
• Shared Mailboxes
• 3 Way Calling
• Call Forwarding (All, busy, no answer, loss of registration)
• Call Transfer
• Call Hold
• Call Return
• Call Waiting
• Call Queue (See ACD)
• Call Barge In (company on/off)
• Call Listen In (company on/off)
• Caller ID (Anonymous or Selectable from Admin Portal)
• Call Block Anonymous
• Caller ID Block
• Call Wake Up
• DND (Do Not Disturb)
• Park Calls
• Dial by Name Directory
• Direct to Voicemail Transfer
• Extension Monitoring (BLF)
• Music on Hold (fixed or custom provided)
• Virtual Switch Board (Auto Attendant)
• Virtual Extensions (Cell Phone or external Phone Integration
• Hot Desking (Transfer to another device/extension)
• PSTN / Mobile Calls
• Wireless Phone Support
• ATA Support
• 3rd Party desktop app and softphone support
• Shared Call Appearance (via phone. Simulates older key systems)
• Service Flags (Manual or Automatic. Date and/or time)
• Voicemail to Email (Selectable with missed call option)
• Visual Voicemail
• Call Recording (per extension. optional feature)
• Outbound CLI Mapping (Private or DID Mapping)
• 911 CLI Mapping (911 Registration and assignment)
• DID to Any PBX Service Mapping (Single and Multi-Mapping)
• Programmable System Codes (Per Company assignment)
• Time zone Assignments
• 7 or 10 Digit Dialing
•  Fax Support (Web Browser Fax. Inbound to Email. Legacy Analog Support)
• Registration Status (IP, Phone Model and Software Revision)
• Multiple Devices on one extension
• Simultaneous Ring (up to 10 numbers per extension)
• Local Number Presence (Operate any Telephone Number from any phone location)
• Phone Provisioning (Automatic with unique phone URL and timeout, Line/programmable Assignments, Templates, Bulk operation, *firmware upgrade)
• Domain/Extension Address Books (Global and Extension Level)
• CDR Records (Call Logs for PBX, Trunk and Single Line)
• Export CDR Records (Standard CSV Format and XML)
• View Rate Cards (Unlimited Rate Cards, Manual and Bulk Editing)
• Packaged Minute assignments (Company or Extension level Package Minute groups/plans. Available for SIP Trunks/Single Line)


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