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  • Integrated Access Device (IAD) that supports fractional E1, data, FXS, ISDN and LAN
  • Supports different service types over ATM: Ethernet, IP, FR internetworking and AAL1 transparent
  • SHDSL uplink
  • Ensures reliable services, and optimal utilization of the ATM uplink using traffic shaping
  • Inband or out-of-band (SNMP, Telnet) management, and local management via ASCII terminal
  • Comprehensive diagnostics and statistics on all ports
  • Supported by RADview EMS, RADs client-server, CORBA-based, secure and scaleable management solution
  • LA-110 is an ATM IAD that enables service providers to offer voice, LAN and data over a single access line to small and medium size businesses.
  • LA-110 provides maximum flexibility for service integration, ease of use and scalability.
  • Optional user ports: Fixed 10/100BaseT LAN port Optional data port Selectable, optional user port: E1, 4 FXS or 4 ISDN S0.
  • Voice and data are statistically multiplexed into an SHDSL WAN link.
  • LA-110 performs circuit emulation using AAL1 to support voice interfaces. This facilitates the connection of PBXs or other channeled E1 devices.
  • LA-110 supports AAL2 in accordance with the ATMF LES (Loop Emulation Service) standard for transport of different voice channels on the same VC (Virtual Channel).

The LA-110 is an ATM IAD that enables service providers to offer voice, LAN and data to small and medium-sized businesses over a single access line.

The unit is dedicated per service and easy to install. It allows migration from E1 to xDSL transmission mode without replacing the unit.

On the user side, the LA-110 supports four analog or four ISDN S0 voice channels, or one sub-E1 port. In addition, it supports one 10/100BaseT LAN port and an optional data port.

The LA-110 supports Emulated Loop Control Protocol (ELCP) signaling for both POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) and ISDN voice over ATM. This provides for seamless interoperability between the LA-110 and equipment from leading voice gateway vendors.

To support high data rates over the Local Loop, the LA-110 uplink supports ADSL or SHDSL. The xDSL is interoperable with a variety of DSLAMs and voice gateways.

The LA-110 offers ATM multiservice and management capabilities, guaranteeing QoS and traffic shaping per VC.

LA-110 supports AAL1 for Circuit Emulation Service (CES) and Dynamic Bandwidth CES (DB-CES) over a fractional E1 interface. The LA-110 also supports AAL2 for voice traffic and AAL5 for data traffic.

The LA-110 can deliver different services over ATM, including Ethernet and IP in accordance with RFC 2684, and Frame Relay interworking in accordance with FRF.5 and FRF.8.

Various management interfaces are available:
- in-band and out-of-band (SNMP) management
- local management via ASCII terminal

Selectable clock source enables the use of an adaptive clock as well as a clock originating from the network port.

The LA-110 is a compact, 1U high unit. It is suitable for mounting in a 19" rack.