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Cloud Computing Products from Pulse Supply

We are a telecommunications service provider that supplies a wide range of cloud computing products for businesses, carriers, service providers, utilities, government and many vertical markets. These products are centered around cloud solutions for data, voice and video applications that utilize landline and wireless topologies. These products include:


Ethernet Access

These products allow Ethernet (IP) to work over legacy TDM networks or provide some form of media or interface conversion. These legacy TDM networks include xDSL, fiber, E1, T1, SONET, SDH, OC-3 or STM-1. These products are available in standalone and high density platforms.


IP Transport

These products are core IP based products which include routers, switches, optimization, bandwidth management and load balancing. These products also include TDM over IP technology which allows traditional TDM based equipment to operate over Ethernet/IP packet based networks.



These products include traditional Voice over IP solutions including media gateways, session border controllers, IP PBX, unified communications and scalable Soft switch. We also provide ancillary VoIP products such as ATA's, cellular gateways and SIP phones.



These products include Video Encoders/Decoders, IP Cameras and Network Video Cameras. These solutions allow video surveillance and recording to video distribution over IP networks with compression.



These products include technologies access GSM, CDMA, UMTS, 3G and 4G Cellular Carrier networks. They include Gateways for VoIP, E1, T1 and Analog voice over cellular networks. We also supply carrier grade Repeater/Extenders for small to large areas. These products also include SMS gateways that allow you to access the SMS/Texting markets with your web and software based applications.



These products are for backhaul wireless applications with either point to point or point to multi-point topologies. These products include IP bandwidth up to 1 Gigabit, serial data and TDM for E1/T1 up to OC-3/STM-1. Our supplied technologies are based on Microwave, Millimeter Wave or FSO. We also supply enterprise class Wi-Fi solutions with and without cloud based controllers.



These products allow conversion from one type of signaling to another. This includes R1, R2, C5, DTMF, Digital ITU-R2, ISDN, SS7, C7 and V5.2 protocols. We also have SIP to SS7, BRI to PRI and Audio to IP converters supporting AES/EBU.



These products are Network Server based units that support faxing applications. We supply small SOHO based units with 1 to 4 analog phone ports. We also supply large, scalable network fax servers for enterprise and hosted service providers with requirements for multiple T1/E1, DS-3 or OC-3/STM-1 lines



These products are based on traditional datacom/wan solutions for legacy networks and equipment. They include Multiplexers, Channel Banks, Interface Converters, Test and Access, Digital Patch Panels, Remote Control, Cabinets and cabling.



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