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Mark II Remote A/B Switching

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  • Remote A/B Switching
  • Ethernet and WAN alarming and back-up circuit switching
  • Remotely manageable via Ethernet or serial port
  • 2 A/B Switching Modules per Chassis
  • Activity Scanner for automatic switching and alarms
  • RS232/V.24, RS530, V.35. X.21, G703 , Ethernet, T1/E1, RS232/EIA 561 Interfaces Supported



The Dynetcom Dynaswitch� II is designed to provide remote A/B switching capability for two Channels in a rack mounted 1U Chassis. The unit can monitor selected circuits for activity and respond with a variety of alarm and switching actions depending on how the controller is programmed. Switching can be manually controlled locally, automatically controlled locally or controlled remotely.

Each chassis can be equipped with the capability of switching any combination of RS232/V.24, RS530, or V.35 with using DB25 connectors, X.21 using DB15 connectors, G703 using BNC connectors or Ethernet, T1/E1, RS232/EIA 561, using RJ-45 connectors. All industry standard products that use DB25 or RJ-45 port connectors can be supported. The RJ-45 and BNC module is available in both single or dual bank versions.

Each Switching Module has a A/B toggle switch for local switching and a red/green LED to indicate the A or B switch position and has LED monitoring of RxD and TxD, a variable carrier alarm, a reset, and an off switch.

The Dynaswitch� II incorporates a Master Switch Control and Alarm Module and a Dynetcom MARC-12 Serial/IP Remote Control Module. Switching can be accomplished locally using either the master A/B toggle switch on the front of the unit or the individual channel A/B toggle switches. Switching remotely can be accomplished over a dedicated serial link, or though an IP network (such as the Internet).

In common with all the Dynetcom line Mark II A/B switching systems the switching modules feature latching relays for clean physical-level circuit switching and position retention in the event of power loss.

The Dynaswitch� II comes equipped with the Line Activity Scanner (LAS) Feature, which provides the A/B switch module with the capability to monitor selected circuits for activity and be configured to generate alarms and/or perform an appropriate switching action; e.g. alarm and switch, alarm and email, alarm only, email and switch, etc. Monitored lines (depending on interface type and pin configuration) are: Data Terminal Ready (DTR) A or B, Request to Send (RTS), Clear to Send (CTS), Data Carrier Detect (DCD), and Data Set Ready (DSR) TD and RD.

Some of these devices are known as Hadax, Dynatech, Spectron, VIR, or Eastern Research Digital Patch Panels. Or Digital Switch Patching Systems.