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Pulse Supply can provide you quality servers at a competitive price. There is more to purchasing a server than guessing at the components that make them power up. What kind of operating system will you be using? What type of applications?  Virtualization?  Amount of Memory?  Direct I/O? How many processors? Redundancy and High Availability are just a few of the issues. Many application developers will recommend bare minimum requirements which leave you guessing. Let Pulse Supply be your unbiased partner and provide the correct server.

Pulse Supply is a proud partner and distributor of Dell and HP server families:


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Did you know we are experts at High Availabilty and Redundancy for Citrix XenServer™ Hypervisor?


Let us provide you with preconfigured high availability servers based on Citrix XenServer and show you how affordable it can be using HA-Lizard™ high availabilty software with either Internal or NAS storage.

  • High AvailabilityHA-Lizard High Availability Software
  • Redundancy
  • Internal Storage or NAS
  • Citrix XenServer™ version 6.x and 7.x compatible
  • Manual and Auto Installer
  • Split brain prevention using heuristics from external network points and quorum
  • Full hyper-convergence of Citrix Xenserver, High Availability and Server components
  • Professional support services available




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