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MX 2800

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  • Affordable DS3 bandwidth consolidation
  • Built-in 1:1 redundancy
  • SNMP and Telnet management
  • Connectorized backplane
  • Capable of backhauling multiple service types (T1/E1)
  • Smallest M13 form factor available
  • Optional integrated V.34 modem and dial-out "cry for help"
  • Dual redundant load sharing AC or DC power supplies
  • M13 and C-Bit signaling support
  • Responds to industry standard CSU and NIU loopback codes
  • Advanced diagnostics including built-in BERT capability
  • Software upgradable via modem or TFTP
  • Full configuration and management from ADVISION
  • NEBS Level 3 compliant
  • Optional Fan Faceplate
  • STS-1 version availabl



ADTRAN� has applied its industry-leading carrier class expertise to the Total Access MX2800 M13 multiplexer, creating a product that meets the most stringent Carrier Class requirements. The Total Access MX2800 offers bandwidth consolidation at a low price and in the smallest footprint avail-able in the industry. The equipment meets stringent NEBS Level 3 requirements and is backed by a 10-year warranty. Measuring only one rack unit high in 19-inch or 23-inch rackmount configurations, this compact device gives NSPs and enterprise users a powerful tool for consolidating 28 T1 signals or 21 E1 signals into a T3 circuit. In addition, there is an STS-1 version available.

The Total Access MX2800 houses two hot-swappable controller cards that are capable of combining independent T1s, E1s, or T1s and E1s, on the same DS3. The two controller cards also provide built-in 1:1 redundancy for the DS1 and DS3 signals as well as redundant DS3 connections.

Advanced diagnostics including CSU loopbacks, NIU loopbacks, C-bit loopbacks and built-in BERT (Bit Error Rate Testing) capabilities. A fully connectorized backplane means no wire wrapping and quick, easy installa-tion. Accessories available for the Total Access MX2800 include a DS1 patch panel that breaks out the 28 DS1s into 28 individual RJ-48 interfaces and a battery backup system that provides eight hours of battery backup.

As with all ADTRAN products, the Total Access MX2800 offers comprehensive management options, including full management and GUI support from ADVISION. It features a VT100 terminal interface for local configuration. To support SNMP and Telnet management, the Total Access MX2800 has an integrated 10BaseT Ethernet port. Also available is an optional integrated V.34 modem operable in VT100 mode or SLIP/PPP mode for SNMP and Telnet access. The modem is capable of performing a dial-out "cry for help" for units that are located in unmanned facilities.

Carriers looking to maximize their copper investment and consolidate their services in the most efficient manner will find that the Total Access MX2800 will pay off quickly. For example, a bandwidth reseller who is co-located at an unmanned site and backhauling local and long distance voice service can use the Total Access MX2800 to gain T1 access off Hi-Cap SONET rings. The MX2800 is also ideal for Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs) who are also looking for an efficient means for backhauling local and long distance voice to or from the IXC or LEC. As Internet use continues its rapid expansion, Internet Service Providers are also well served with the Total Access MX2800s bandwidth consolidation.