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Express 6530

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  • Can operate back to back
  • Nx64 E1 and/or Nx64 customer data port
  • E1 port is G.703/G.704 compliant
  • Data port supports V.35, X.21/V.11
  • Fully manageable from Total Access 3000
  • Auto ranging power supply 90-240 VAC IEC connector 50-60 Hz
  • -48 VDC power option requires 48 VDC power cable



SHDSL has become an international standard for handling symmetric data. The ADTRAN Express 6530 is an easy-to-use SHDSL network termination unit. The equipment provides an interface between SHDSL and the user's Data Terminal Equipment (DTE), and is an ideal solution for applications such as LAN-to-LAN bridging, Frame Relay circuit termination, and PBX termination. The Express 6530 can be deployed in two system configurations:

1) As a remote unit to the ADTRAN Total Access 3000 multiservice access platform

2) In pairs in a point-to-point limiteddistance campus configuration

Housed in a compact, durable plastic housing, the Express 6530 supports data rates from 64 kbps to 2.316 Mbps. The rear panel provides access to either a V.35 or X.21 interface for a single digital connector to the end user's DTE equipment and RJ-48 for E1 termination. The Express 6530 contains a built-in timeslot interchange to share timeslots between the digital and E1 connections. Configuration, testing, and performance monitoring is accomplished with a user friendly front-panel interface. The front-panel interface can also be used to invoke local and remote loopbacks. The Express 6530 also supports configuration and performance monitoring through a rear-panel control port using VT100 terminal emulation.