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Terminate SS7: Media gateway?

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That is a very tough problem to solve and a challenge. Finding a VoIP or Media gateway supporting direct termination of SS7, OC-3, or STM-1 and oh yeah, less than 200 watts of power consumption. Why don't we add in full transcoding on all channels just for kicks? A little echo cancellation on every channel simultaneously and IVR/FAX support. How about making it totally possible with support for 100+ calls per second?

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Obviously, this could only be something Cisco® could make? We checked, they don't. If they did, it would be extremely expensive and only the largest carriers and enterprise customers could afford it.


So why are we mentioning all of this? What's the point of this futile exercise? Sometimes you get what you ask for, no matter how impossible it sounds.


Introducing the Tmedia TMG-3200 VoIP and Media gateway. The world's first system to give you all these features and more. It was built from the ground up unlike most higher-end gateways with aging architectures that are unable to meet these requirements.

Tmedia TMG-3200 VoIP and Media Gateway





The TMG-3200 is loaded with features:


  • Support for T1, E1, J1, DS-3, STM-1, or OC-3 TDM Interfaces
  • Direct termination of SS7/C7 Signaling
  • Low power consumption - Less than 140 watts
  • Support for multiple ‘any-to-any switching across multiple network interfaces and protocols from different carriers as well as transcoding support for all major wireline, wireless, and internet codecs
  • Echo Cancellation - 128ms on all channels
  • IVR and FAX - Built-in support for Voice Response and T.38
  • H.248 and Sigtran support
  • Call routing features - ANI and DNIS routing, Least Cost Routing, Nature of Address, Pre and Post routing digit manipulation and TDM to TDM, IP to TDM, and IP to IP
  • Full redundancy options - Power and Traffic
  • Carrier-Grade - Full 99.999% reliability and NEBS Level 3 compliance
  • and much more...


Download the TMG-3200 VoIP and Media Gateway datasheet



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