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Netprobe 1000

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  • Lightweight
  • Rugged, metal construction
  • Soft cover with two-way handle
  • Superbright LCD display
  • Long life Li-ion rechargable batteries
  • Choice of ten models
  • PC Windows remote control via RS-232 or Ethernet
  • Accessible via Internet with fixed IP
  • Event Memory with histogram
  • Mulptiple LED's with history
  • Autoconfiguration
  • Cont and non-cont T1 & E1 fractional access
  • BERT and G.821 analysis
  • PRBS, fixed, bridgetap, 55 octet, and multipatterns
  • G.826 and M.2100 analysis in E1 models
  • Clock and frame slips measurement
  • Alarm simulation
  • Pulse shape analysis
  • Propagation delay test
  • Signal level management
  • CSU, Smartjack, NT loop control
  • DS3 mux/demux tests
  • DSP based voice quality testing
  • Speaker & microphone talk thru DS0
  • Call origination and analysis
  • All DS0 channels AB (CD) bit monitoring and control
  • MF, DTMF, DP digit analysis
  • MFCR2 call emulation and monitoring and control
  • MF, DTMF, DP digit analysis
  • MFCR2 call emulation and monitoring
  • Datacom Bert up to 10 Mpbs for RS-232, RS-530, RS-449, X.21, and co-dir.
  • ISDN call emulation, Q.921 & Q.931 monitoring per ITU and ANSI
  • SS7 monitoring and link setup, TCAP, ISUP, TUP, and SCCP
  • GSM TRAU frame and A-bis testing
  • SDH and SONET testing at 155 Mbps



NetProbe 1000 Series

NetProbe 1000 Series of advanced communications is a multi-functional analyzer for worldwide applications for telco's, CLEC's, IXC's, wireless carriers, utilities, field maintenance and operations, and more.