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  • HDTV over IP
  • HD Video and Audio over IP networks
  • Region of Interest Processing - Provides Best Picture Fidelity
  • Data Stream Protection with Advanced FEC/ARQ
  • Non-Degrading 4:2:0 Concatenation Protection (SMPTE Draft RP2050-1 and EG 2050-2)
  • VoIP Full Duplex Communication
  • Auto-sensing Gigabit Ethernet Output with DVB-ASI or DVB-S/S2 Built-in Modulator (option)
  • Standard and low latency modes
  • Includes H.264 MP@L3 standard definition encoding
  • Compact 1U High Chassis
  • UL, CE, FCC, RoHS Certifications



The Fujitsu IP-9400 is specifically suitable for DENG and DSNG operations where the best video fidelity is needed within the lowest possible channel bandwidth. IP-9400 enables HD content to be carried within an existing SD channel. When combined with the optional built-in DVB-S2 modulator provides up to 70% bandwidth saving compared with older MPEG-2 systems.

The IP-9400 encoder utilizes advanced Fujitsu technology to provide industry standard MPEG-4 AVC encoding for real-time transmission of HD/SD content at the highest bandwidth efficiency. Powerful error correction and retransmission technology protect the integrity over IP networks by preventing corruption and loss of data. The IP-9400 provides field proven superior performance and robustness making it perfectly suited for demanding mobile and fixed site operations.

Fujitsu high performance H.264 compression algorithms reduce the encoded bitrate and bandwidth requirement by more than 50% compared to MPEG- 2 systems, while preserving high video and audio fidelity. HD and SD content can now be transmitted at a significant cost saving using existing DVB satellite and broadband IP networks. IP-9400 allows HD news content to be transmitted within the same bandwidth as SD content encoded in MPEG-2.

IP-9400 provides flexible transmission options using 10T/100T/1G Ethernet for IP connectivity, DVB-ASI or DVB-S/S2 transports. With a low (280ms) encode-decode latency, IP-9400 is well suited for delay-sensitive live-event applications. Standard HD/ SD-SDI and HDMI allow quick interconnects with HD/ SD devices. A full-duplex VoIP intercom provides an efficient communication link between encoder and decoder locations.