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x700 Series

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  • The x700 range provides award winning traffic management for monitoring and optimizing IP networks
  • It combines Layer 7 classification, QoS, compression and detailed monitoring and reporting in one solution.
  • Reduce infrastructure costs
  • Ensure predictable application performance
  • Visibility of infrastructure usage
  • Reduce network troubleshooting costs
  • Reduce business continuity risk
  • Voice & data convergence
  • Dynamic networking to support dynamic business Capacity Planning
  • Management of internet strategy



The network challenge

The Wide Area Network (WAN) has inherent delay and bandwidth limitations. Applications deployed across the WAN are inefficient and slow due to these limitations. Further to this, repetitive data is sent across the WAN, increasing total utilization and introducing congestion. More applications further compete for these limited WAN resources causing congestion and degradation of critical applications. IT managers are demanding far more economic and effective ways to manage and optimize their existing infrastructure by understanding how it is used, defining what's important for the business and accelerating application performance.

The solution

Exinda Networks x700 series provides a range of traffic management appliances suitable for branch office, head office and data centre sites. These appliances feature award-winning technology that enable you to easily report on application activity and guarantee performance of the important applications. With ARM technology, Exinda allows you to quantify application response times from a user's point of view at the remote site. This in turn assists in optimizing with greater accuracy and understanding how users directly benefit from effective optimization.


Application Layer 7 Classification and Monitoring

Signature based classification identifies applications such as Peer-to-Peer and those that use common protocols such as HTTP. Exinda's High speed hardware (ASIC) based classification (6720) allows wirespeed monitoring at speeds of up to 1G. Track usage and network utilisation by application, hosts or conversations. Extensive reporting via automated PDF and CSV exports and SQL connector.

Application Specific Analysis Modules (ASAM)

Exinda supports modules for detailed classification and analysis of specific applications such as HTTP, VoIP, Citrix. Monitor voice calls and conversations in realtime.

Application Response Measurement (ARM)

Monitor application response times across network and server infrastructure. Measure and manage user experience across applications.

Adaptive Response (AR)

Set alerts, notifications and run custom scripts based on system wide triggers.

Policy based QoS

Allow for granular traffic control and application quality of service (QoS).