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Atlas 890

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  • Functions as a multi-E1/T1 or T3 IAD, 3/1/0 DACS, ISDN switch, IP router, and Frame Relay concentrator/switch
  • Supports up to 64 T1/PTI ports
  • Maximum backplane bandwidth for TDM applications is 30 T1s through the chassis
  • Switchboard supports circuit switching applications such as intelligent call routing , overbooking and least-cost routing based on phone numbers in dial plan
  • Supports switched PRI delivered over T3
  • Net-3 and Net-5 Euro-ISDN protocols supported
  • Fully redundant AC system provides 13 expansion slots
  • Fully redundant DC system provides 15 expansion slots
  • System controller includes 10/100BaseT Ethernet interface for SNMP/Telnet management and IP routing
  • Includes Frame Relay, PPP, and IP routing
  • Includes IP router software with support for PPP and Frame Relay Layer 2 protocols
  • Accepts all ATLAS 800 Series modules
  • Optional redundant system controller and power supply can provide full system redundancy



The ATLAS 890� is the newest member of the ATLAS 800 Series product line and is a high-density, modular platform that provides complete system redundancy. With the ATLAS 890, voice, data, video, and Internet applications are all supported in a modular platform that includes both logic and power supply redundancy.

The ATLAS 890 chassis includes a high-speed, multi-protocol backplane and modular expansion slots that support all the 800 Series option modules. The fully redundant ATLAS 890 AC version provides 13 options slots, while the redundant DC version provides 15 slots. These hot swappable, industry standard modules are available to effectively converge your telecommunications and existing network systems such as routers, PBX, key systems, video conferencing equipment and remote access servers. The ATLAS 890 performs the functions found in multiplexers, channel banks, 1/0 and 3/1/0 cross connect switches, Frame Relay access devices/concentrators/ switches, IP routers, and ISDN switches all in a fully redundant platform. It also includes an integral voice switchboard and dial plan to dynamically and intelligently switch voice and data calls based on the tele-phone number dialed.

The ATLAS 890 supports multiple network technologies including T1/FT1/DSX-1, E1/PRA, ISDN, V.35 and 10/100 Ethernet. It is designed for use in high-port density applications to provide a more cost effective solution for T1, T3, ISDN and/or Frame Relay networks. With the modularity of ATLAS 890, users can now support switched or multi-plexed Voice/Data traffic, ISDN, or packetized Frame Relay. Users can also run a hybrid mix of network architectures that will make it easier to evolve network systems and applications all with the security of full system redundancy.

For configuration and troubleshooting, the ATLAS 890 includes LEDs for complete operational status indications, front and rear VT100 interfaces for terminal or dial-in access, alarm contacts, and a 10/100 Ethernet LAN connection for SNMP and Telnet.