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Digital Patch Panels

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Digital RS-232, V.24, X.21 and V.35 Patch Panels - Available Now

These products were based on the previous dominance of serial-based communications. These products include a chassis-based architecture with modular ports, power supplies, and test access. In the rear were standard RS-232, RS-530, V.35, V.36, and X.21 module ports for connection to equipment and circuits. In the front were proprietary patch ports for the insertion of patching cables. When these cables were inserted, they disconnected the normal communications path and reroute through the cable which could be plugged into any other patch port. This was critical to testing and disaster recovery since the alternative was to manually unscrew the cables from equipment and reattach them to another piece of equipment. Several models were originally available in the early days including Spectron, Hadax, VIR, and ADC (TE). Many of these devices have or are in the process of discontinuation.

*** Pulse has alternative Digital Patch Panel Solutions for the discontinued models. If you are currently looking for ADC Patchmate and VIR LPM digital patch panels, please contact a Pulse Representative. call us or email


Digital Patch Panels