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VMUX 2100

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  • Compresses up to 16 full E1/T1 voice lines over a single E1/T1 or IP link
  • Uses TDMoIP multiplexing to reach maximal bandwidth savings
  • Built-in echo cancellation Dynamic jitter buffer minimizes voice degradation
  • Transparent to all signaling protocols and telephony features
  • Enhanced relay mechanisms for fax/ modem/DTMF/special tones
  • Local and remote management via ASCII terminal, Telnet, or RADviewV-SC/Vmux



The Vmux-2100 voice trunking gateway provides compressed voice transmission over TDM and IP networks saving on bandwidth for satellite communications and on leased line costs for cellular operators, carriers and call centers. Employing powerful voice compression algorithms as well as TDMoIP� technology, the Vmux-2100 voice trunking gateway can compress up to 16 full E1 or T1 circuits over a single E1 or T1 or IP network.

Using the Vmux-2100 voice trunking gateway guarantees optimal bandwidth utilization while maintaining toll quality voice, lowering Opex and Capex. At the same time, all legacy services and signaling are maintained.

Further Product InformationRAD's Vmux-2100 voice trunking gateway employs powerful voice compression algorithms, reducing leased line costs and increasing the efficiency of the IP network. Vmux-2100 compresses up to 16 full E1/T1 lines (496/384 voice channels) over a single E1/T1 or IP uplink, enabling enterprises, mobile operators and service providers to save costs by leasing fewer lines to transport their voice payloads.

The Vmux-2100 is especially suited for satellite connectivity, remote call centers, 2G or 3G cellular backhaul, international voice trunking, wireless Local Loop, and rural telephony. The Vmux-2100 may be used in narrowband applications, wherever there is a need to minimize bandwidth for voice transmissions, over any media (for example, TDM or IP satellite links).

Voice compression reduces line costsVmux-2100 uses G.723.1, G.729A and G.711 voice compression algorithms for optimal cost/ performance. It maintains toll quality voice while achieving the highest compression ratio for voice transmission over TDM and IP networks.

Voice activity detection and silence suppression allow Vmux-2100 to dynamically utilize bandwidth for voice traffic and fax or modem relay, resulting in very efficient bandwidth usage over fewer lines, while signaling information is transmitted separately.

Uses less bandwidth than VoIPTDMoIP capabilities improve bandwidth utilization and enable migration to IP. Separate TDM and Ethernet uplinks allow simultaneous transmission over both TDM and IP networks. With lower overhead than VoIP systems, Vmux frees 60 percent more bandwidth for additional voice or data, which is crucial on costly or low bandwidth links.

Converged services save equipment and maintenance costsNetwork integration is the key to maximum savings in the wide area network. Vmux-2100 converges voice, fax and Ethernet traffic over the same network link. By combining voice/fax capabilities with Ethernet data traffic over a single delivery network, operators can save significantly on the costs of running their networks.

Space-saving unitThe compact, 1U-high Vmux-2100 is a modular unit that can be installed in 19-inch racks. It has the smallest footprint of any TDM voice compression or VoIP product of equivalent capacity. The unit can be configured with up to four voice compression modules, up to four channelized TDM modules and up to two power supply modules. All modules are plug-in and field-replaceable.

The power supply and voice compression modules are hot-swappable.