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  • Optical Converter Unit
  • Transports DS3, E3, or STS-1 over private point-to-point fiber
  • Single-mode fiber optics for distances up to 40 km or multi-mode fiber optics for distances up to 2 km
  • 1310 nm optical interface with SC (single-mode) or ST (multi-mode) connectors
  • 1U high standalone, rackmount, or wallmount unit
  • NEBS Level 3 compliant
  • External alarm relay contacts
  • Optical and electrical loopbacks
  • Supports -48 VDC
  • AC power available with auto-ranging AC adapter (1200470L1)



ADTRAN has applied its industry-leading carrier class expertise to the OCU 45, creating a product that meets the most stringent carrier class requirements. The OCU 45 offers transparent transport of T3/E3/STS-1 services over a fiber transport, at distances up to 40km. The OCU 45 is available in single-mode and multi-mode versions.

Measuring only one rack unit high, the OCU 45 can be used standalone, wall mounted or mounted in 19-inch or 23-inch racks using an optional mounting tray. This compact device gives NSPs a convenient way to extend T3/E3/STS-1 services from their point-of-presence to their customer and provides enterprise users a powerful tool for extending T3/E3/STS-1 services over fiber in a campus environment.

Configuration of the OCU 45 is accomplished through two switches on the front of the unit, which configure the metallic inter-face to T3, E3 or STS-1 and sets metallic line length to short or long. The OCU 45 has both normally-open and normally-closed alarm relay contacts, with a front panel alarm cutoff switch.

Diagnostics include metallic and optical Loopbacks initiated via a front panel switch. Three LEDs monitor the status of the metallic and optical interfaces.

The OCU 45 is DC powered from a -48 volt source. An optional AC to -48 VDC converter is available to allow the OCU 45 to be AC powered.