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The future is here for Session Border Controllers with Virtual TSBC, the full-featured, configurable subscription-based virtual session border controller!

By removing the physical layer from the SBC, it is much easier for customers to deploy the industry’s latest and most advanced technology. Just as importantly, it introduces a new pricing structure that eliminates CAPEX, and reduces OPEX to a point where carriers and service providers can deploy this SBC with licensing and full support, for less money than they’ve previously paid to support their existing SBCs. We think this new combination of performance and price point is a game-changer for the Session Border Controller marketplace. It will allow service providers to migrate to the latest and best technology without the CAPEX shock factor.

The new downloadable Virtual Tsbc, which is the industry’s first subscription-based virtual SBC from a brand name manufacturer of telecommunications equipment for carriers, supports up to 60,000 concurrent SIP sessions. It enables high performance SIP to SIP translation (B2BUA), header manipulation, extensive and flexible call routing, available transcoding, all while protecting the carrier’s network infrastructure from DoS and DDOS attacks.

The Virtual TSBC works on industry standard hardware and VM environments. It can also be deployed with external routing engines which will ease the implementation into existing carrier networks. The Subscription-based model eliminates CAPEX, and the Virtual Tsbc ensures revenue protection and peace-of-mind for carriers due to its reliability, security protection and full support. 


Software or hardware

Download our SBC for your cloud or get our on-premise hardware with software pre-installed, configured, ready to plug & play

Instantly Scalable

The same software can scale from 100 to 60,000 sessions, so we’re ready when you are



DOS/DDOS protection, dynamic blacklisting and call access control

Unmatched SIP Header Manipulation

Successfully interconnect with any network


Unlimited support

Unlimited support, we’re here to help when you need it

Ease of deployment

Easy to deploy, operate and manage through various interfaces including a RESTful API


Vast interoperability

The Tsbc can interoperate with a long list of popular (and legacy) switches as well as systems for fraud detection, CDR, operating management and more

Carrier grade

The most cost-effective SBC product for service providers and carriers currently available on the market


Best routing options

Increase revenues by selecting the best route

Network mediation

Adapts and converts to allow networks to interact together for both signaling and media streams


Topology hiding

Topology Hiding hides the IP, VIA, Record-Route, Route and Contact headers to enhance SIP network security

Best network troubleshooting tools

Using our time tested TB Analytics it’s easy to achieve fast interconnects and diagnose network problems





Powered by proprietary software,
the Virtual Tsbc is simple to set-up and operate







Download the popular TB-SBC documents:




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